Enjoy the Art of Antonio Amat

Take an authentic memory with you

Painting by Antonio Amat
Exhibition Gran Hotel Sóller by Antonio Amat
Hallway decorated with paintings by Antonio Amat

Enjoy the abstract art of the painter Antonio Amat. You can see and even buy some of his works in our establishment.

Antonio Amat went through various creative stages and delved into various disciplines of artistic expression, philosophy and various currents of thought. His personal artistic language. “Amat is a leading figure in the international art scene with a unique, individual vision of abstract art”, ArtsSpike (NY). He has held exhibitions in Barcelona, New York, various cities in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, and takes part in national and international art fairs. He published a monograph, which brings together his different pictorial stages. It was written by Conxita Oliver and published by Mediterránea (Barcelona).

Visit his website by clicking on the following link and get to know his art better. ANTONIO AMAT

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