Excursion Guide to Sa Capelleta

The Gaudinian Temple of Tramuntana

Temple of Sa Capalleta
Santa Maria del Olivar Monastery
Monastery of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de l'Olivar
Llogaret de Biniaraix
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Santa Maria de l'Olivar Monastery
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Biniaraix centre

Being able to enjoy activities related to hiking, cycling, and nature in the Valley of Sóller is one of the elements that make this place in the Tramuntana a unique destination. Whether it's for the beauty of its landscapes, its possibilities, its gastronomy that complements the experience 100%, or for the ancient stories and curiosities that still reflect through the constructions and locations that, to this day, continue to remind us of the origins and history of our municipality. Constructions, in many cases unique, that contribute to beautifying our surroundings and that we undoubtedly recommend visiting to discover a piece of the magic that surrounds the Valley of Sóller. So today, we propose an excursion to a unique place in the Tramuntana: the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de l'Olivar des Fenàs, popularly known as Sa Capelleta. A Gaudinian-style temple located 3 km from Sóller that we can visit by walking or cycling.



The Sanctuary of Santa Maria de l'Olivar des Fenàs was built between 1943 and 1944 thanks to the donations of some Sóller residents with high purchasing power and was cared for until 10 years ago by the Regular Augustinian Canonesses of St. Augustine. A small modernist-style temple surrounded by nature that reflects Gaudinian-inspired architecture and an interior that evokes a cave and was blessed on June 17, 1917.

The temple, built in cut and superimposed stones, evokes inside the grotto of the Virgin of Lourdes. An interior that, thanks to the natural light that enters through the openings and windows of the temple, illuminates the statues of the Immaculate, St. Bernadette, and the stalactites, giving a unique and unparalleled aspect to its interior. A unique building located next to the Monastery of Santuari de Santa Maria de l'Olivar des Fenàs, a monastery inhabited by the Regular Augustinian Canonesses of St. Augustine.



As we mentioned, we can visit Sa Capelleta through the hiking route that connects the monastery with the Valley of Sóller or by mountain bike. However, we will make the excursion on foot. To do this, we will leave Gran Hotel Sóller towards the municipal football field: Camp d’en Maiol. Once there, next to the football field gate, we will see the GR-221 markers that indicate the path towards Binibassí–Biniaraix through the camí des Murterar. A path that runs parallel to the stream and that we will follow until we reach the Pont de C’an Rave, a bridge that has some washbasins or "rentadors".

Once we reach this point, we will turn left onto the camí ses Muncades, following the GR-221 route: Binibassí–Biniaraix until we connect with the camí Vell de Fornalutx or de s’Ermita. A point where we can enjoy views of Puig Major. Next, and after ascending a few meters along the camí de s’Ermita, we will take the left turn onto the camí de sa Capelleta, signaled with an indicator where we can read: Tuent/Sa Calobra/Camí de sa Capelleta. A cobbled path that ascends among olive trees and crosses several times the cart path that also climbs to the sanctuary and that we would use in case of going up to the sanctuary by mountain bike. Finally, after about 25 minutes, we will arrive at Sa Capelleta. A place where we will stop for a snack and discover the temple while enjoying the surrounding nature, its history, and its landscape. After our visit to the temple, we can choose to descend back to the center of the Valley of Sóller by the same path or descend through Fornalutx. An alternative route that will allow us to explore and discover this wonderful village of the Tramuntana.



To descend through Fornalutx, we will continue our route by ascending along the cart path and cross the Puig Major road that connects Sóller with Lluc to continue the ascent until we reach the Fornalutx junction. A path where we will see indicated the route Tuent/Sa Costera.

However, we will continue advancing until we find another indicator that marks the way to Fornalutx. A route that we will take to reach again, after about 15 minutes, the Puig Major road. At this point, we will cross to the other side of the road and start our descent towards Fornalutx along the paved road that leads to the municipality.



Once we arrive in Fornalutx, we recommend taking a break in the town square before continuing with our return route. Finally, we will continue towards the Fornalutx Cemetery, where we will find other indications that will lead us to Binibassí and from there to Biniaraix. A small "llogaret" that belongs to the Valley of Sóller and that we recommend visiting. Once here, and after visiting Biniaraix, we will continue our descent towards the center of Sóller along the Biniaraix road until we reach s’Alqueria d’es Compte, a small neighborhood that connects us to Carrer de Sa Lluna. The commercial street of the municipality that will lead us to Plaça Constitució, located less than 1 minute walk from Gran Hotel Sóller and where we will conclude our excursion to Sa Capelleta.

A temple that we definitely recommend visiting to enjoy hiking and nature through a simple, comfortable route that we can complete in a morning to finally finish our journey enjoying a wonderful meal at Ca’n Blau Restaurant. If you are staying at our hotel and want more information about this or other hiking or cycling routes through the Sierra de Tramuntana, do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will assist and advise you very kindly!



Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Distance: 10.46 km
Elevation gain: 304m
Minimum recommended age: 12 years old
Route: Sóller - Sa Capelleta - Fornalutx Junction - Fornalutx - Binibassí - Biniaraix - Sóller