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One of the main attractions of the Sóller Valley is hiking. There are countless routes that cross the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range offering incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and landscapes indescribable for their beauty and nature. Routes of different difficulties that in most cases hide an origin full of history, meaning and the reason for the creation of each of these special paths, located in a magical place named World Heritage Site. That is why today we are going to talk about one of the most recommended routes in the Sóller Valley. Because of its short duration, its ease, and because it is one of the routes that offers one of the best panoramic views of the Sóller Valley: The excursion to the Mirador de Ses Tres Creus viewpoint. 

To do this route, leave the Gran Hotel Sóller in the direction of the Municipal Cemetery, crossing the Plaça Constitució along the Calle de Es Born, parallel to the parish church of Sant Bartomeu. On the way to the cemetery, you can choose to go straight up Calle de Pau Noguera, which will take you directly to the cemetery, or continue along Calle de Pastor until you reach Plaça del Estiradors, a small square in the northern part of the municipality, via a pleasant walk through picturesque streets, and then continue along Calle de Sant Pere until you reach the Municipal Cemetery. The climb to the cemetery can be done in 15 minutes from the Gran Hotel Sóller by both paths, and it is a place where we advise you to make a first stop because, despite the nature of the place itself, it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries on the north coast of Mallorca, among other things because of its incredible views of the Puig Major. After this brief stop, we continue our route towards the Mirador de Ses Tres Creus viewpoint, leaving the Municipal Cemetery on our right. At the beginning of the ascent, you will see the GR-221 signs, which will indicate the route to the viewpoint. At this point, you can follow the signs and make the ascent combining stretches of stone and mountain path with stretches of asphalt or, on the other hand, make the entire ascent on the asphalt path. After about 20-25 minutes of gentle ascent, you will reach Puig d'en Barrera, where the Mirador de Ses Tres Creus viewpoint is located and where, according to legend, the "Sagrades Formes" (religious relics) were hidden during the sacking of the Sóller Valley by pirate corsairs on 11th May 1561. 

Just as you reach the Mirador de Ses Tres Creus you will see a large monument with three crosses and two parallel staircases. This is the monument to the Heart of Jesus of Ses Tres Creu, built in the 1940s and still unfinished. Once here, we will culminate our ascent by climbing the stairs of the monument until we reach its upper viewpoint, where we will obtain one of the best and most complete views of the Valley of Sóller, the Port of Sóller, the Puig Major and even Fornalutx. All this from the same place. At this point we recommend a stop for a snack or refreshment while enjoying the tranquillity of the place and its magnificent panoramic views of this magical enclave of the Tramuntana. 

After our brief pause, it is time to make the descent, and we can do it in two ways: the first is to return along the same path we took on the ascent, either along the GR-221 sections or on asphalt, until we reach the Plaça Constitució in Sóller; or on the other hand, we can choose to make the descent along a different path from the ascent which will lead us to the Plaça Constitució in 25-30 minutes more than with the first option. We recommend you to do the descent with the second option, as it is through a picturesque dirt road between trees that is easy to descend. To do so, start at the Mirador de Ses Treus Creus from the top of the asphalt road until you see, at the first bend, some large barriers with a smaller one on your left. Cross the small barrier, which is open, and after crossing it you will see a small cave on your left. You will soon notice that the cave has black walls, and this is because one of the most peculiar and mysterious crimes in Mallorca was committed in this place. Several decades ago, a man was found burnt with his motorbike inside this cave. 

Then, leaving this peculiar place behind, we will cross a horse stable where we can enjoy seeing some ponies, sheep and horses, a highly recommended stop if we go with children, as the route crosses this place where we will be able to see these animals in freedom. Once we leave the stable behind, we will see how the path narrows and goes from being a flat path to a steeper slope. A slope that ends up connecting with a picturesque path of stairs that will lead us, among pines, olive trees and carob trees, to the path to Sa Font de S'Olla. At this point we will rejoin the asphalt. At this point, we continue our descent along the Sa Torrentera path, which crosses the railway tracks over and under a railway bridge, passing along Carrer de Joan Marquès Arbona, until we reach Carrer de Reial, which will lead us back to the back of the Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu and, from there, along Carrer de Es Born, to Plaça Constitució. 

Whichever descent route you choose, when you reach the square we recommend having a coffee or an aperitif, depending on the time of day, and a stroll along Calle de La Luna before returning to the Gran Hotel Sóller to enjoy a fantastic Mediterranean meal at the hands of our chef Sólleric Rafel Torrens in Ca'n Blau restaurant. The excursion to Ses Tres Creus is undoubtedly the perfect way to discover the Sóller Valley from a unique point of view. Its nature, its environment and part of its history through a pleasant, complete and easy to do excursion. 

If you are staying at our hotel and would like more information about this or other excursions in the Tramuntana, please do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be delighted to help you. 


Duration: 1 hour and 20 min. approx. / 1 hour 50 min. approx. returning by alternative downhill route

Difficulty: Easy                                                                                                
Minimum recommended age: 4 years old
Route: Sóller - Municipal Cemetery - Mirador de Ses Tres Creus - Plaça Constitució Excursion suitable for pushchairs with the option of descending along the same asphalt as the ascent.