Hiking in the Tramuntana: A Unique Outdoor Experience

Els Cinc Ponts and the Camí de Rocafort

Train from Soller crossing the Cinc Ponts
Indications Camí de Castelló
Views of the Excursion
Views of Soller
The Cinc Pons path
Viewpoint of Es Pont
Botanical garden of Soller
Landscape of the Cinc Ponts trail
Path of the Cinc Ponts route

If you've been searching for a place on the north coast of Mallorca to enjoy hiking in the Sierra de Tramuntana, you've likely heard of the Sóller Valley. Situated in the heart of the Tramuntana, between the Mediterranean Sea and Puig Major, our municipality is the starting point for numerous iconic hiking routes, such as the Barranc de Biniaraix trail, the GR-221, the route to L’Ofre, or the excursion to Penyal del Migdia. These routes vary in difficulty from moderate to even challenging, catering to hiking enthusiasts. However, thanks to its location, the Sóller Valley also offers less strenuous routes. Shorter paths closer to the urban core still provide unique landscapes of the Sóller Valley and the bay of Puerto de Sóller. They invite you to explore fragments of the agricultural history and export trade culture that have characterized this Tramuntana municipality. Today, we'll talk about one of these shorter routes that you can undertake throughout the year to enjoy nature and discover a place rich in history: The excursion to Els Cinc Ponts via Camí de Rocafort.


Section 1: From Gran Hotel Sóller to Camí dels Cinc Ponts

We start our journey from Gran Hotel Sóller towards Sa Volta Piquera, the old town. Navigate through Plaça Constitució, turn right into Carrer de Bauzá next to a bakery called La Lareña. Proceed straight past the Post Office building until you reach Carrer de Josep Maria Quadrado. Continue left of the Vicarage, an old parish house renovated in 1986 and still in use. Turn right into Carrer del Capità Angelats until you reach the Gas Station. Carefully cross the street using the pedestrian crossing and continue on Camí de la Costa d’en Llorenç. After a short ascent and a right turn, you'll connect with Camí dels Cinc Ponts.


Section 2: Ascent to Els Cinc Ponts and Camí de Castelló

Once you enter the Camí dels Cinc Ponts, located to the left and accessed after crossing open barriers just above a cattle grid for sheep, you will begin your ascent along the Camí del Cinc Ponts to reach the majestic viaduct of Cinc Ponts in about 15-20 minutes.

Els Cinc Ponts is a viaduct built in 1912 that is part of the 13 tunnels and various bridges allowing the Sóller Railway to connect this municipality in the Tramuntana with Palma de Mallorca. This viaduct, popularly known as Els Cinc Ponts for its five curved arches, spans the Torrent dels Montreals and serves as a bridge for the Sóller Train, offering travelers breathtaking views of the Valley of Sóller.

After enjoying the viaduct, you will pass underneath it and continue your ascent through olive groves and spectacular terraces until you reach the Camí de Castelló. From there, you will continue to your left until you reach a small stream, which you will cross to enter a pine forest. At a crossroads, you will be guided in the direction of the Camí de Rocafort, which you will take to the left.


Section 3: The Descent

Start the descent on a steep and sometimes paved trail, transitioning from dirt to cobblestone. Descend this winding path through olive groves and pine forests until you reach a small bridge over the Sóller Railway. Pause here to enjoy the wonderful views of the Sóller Valley and iconic Tramuntana peaks such as Puig Major, L’Ofre, and Els Cornadors.


Section 4: Return to Gran Hotel Sóller

After a stop at the small bridge viewpoint, continue the descent until you reach the Sóller Railway tracks. Cross the tracks and, after about 400 meters, you'll find small stairs on the left. Descend the stairs and proceed on the asphalted Camí de Rocafort until you reach Camí de la Costa d’en Llorenç.

Descend the same path from the beginning of the excursion until you reach the gas station. Here, you have two options: return to the center of Sóller via Sa Volta Piquera or visit the Botanic Garden of Sóller.


Visit to the Botanic Garden of Sóller

Established in 1985 and open to the public since 1992, the Botanic Garden focuses on conserving, researching, and educating about Mediterranean and Balearic flora. It's a perfect place for nature lovers, where architecture and design serve the plants, allowing the cultivation of wild species. The garden reflects the natural state of plants according to the season, ensuring a constantly changing and transforming environment. The visit is affordably priced, and it's open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00. It's an excellent option to complement our excursion.


If you're staying at our hotel and want more information about this or other hiking routes, places in the Sierra de Tramuntana, or details about the Botanic Garden and other points of interest in our municipality and its surroundings, feel free to ask our reception team for assistance.


Els Cinc Ponts Excursion
Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 5.37 km
Elevation Gain: 196m
Recommended Minimum Age: 7 years
Route: Sóller - Cinc Ponts - Camí de Rocafort - Sóller