Walking route to Port of Sóller

A must-visit destination for your next excursion

Ca N'Ai viewpoint
Can Repic beach
Can Generos beach
Soller Tramway
Fishing quarter of Santa Catalina
Fishermen of Puerto de Soller
Museum of the Sea Port of Soller
Mediterranean Sea
Bay of Puerto de Soller
Bou boats

The Valley of Sóller is a fundamental destination in the Tramuntana for all those who want to enjoy nature, hiking and magical mountain routes. However, during the warmer months it is more difficult to do these routes comfortably, and although they can be done, there are other excursions that are more suitable for the warmer months. Shorter and less difficult routes that will allow us to discover very special places in the Tramuntana and that, in many cases, end at the sea. This allows us to reach our destination and enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean in a refreshing swim. For this reason, today we bring you one of the most recommended and essential excursions to do if you are staying at the Gran Hotel Sóller during the hottest months of the year: the excursion to the Port of Sóller along the Ca N'Aí path. 


We begin our excursion starting from the Gran Hotel Sóller along Carrer de Sa Romaguera, just in front of the hotel, and then we turn off to the right towards Carrer de Sa Mar. After descending it to the end we reach the Pont d'en Barona, where we turn left along Carreró d'en Figa until we reach the Bar Stop roundabout. Once there, cross in the direction of the Carretera de Deià and take the first turning to the right along the Cami de Son Sales. This is an asphalt road that you will follow until you reach a fork where you will see two signposted paths: Deià, to the left; and Puerto de Sóller and Refugi de Muleta to the right. We will take the path to the right in the direction of Puerto de Sóller along a stretch of the "Pedra en Sec" GR-221 route. At this point we leave the asphalt behind and start to go into the mountains along a footpath that will lead us to the Port of Sóller
After about 15 minutes of gentle ascent, you will reach the highest point of your route. A small viewpoint next to a stone bench covered by a pine tree. A place that offers incredible panoramic views of the Sóller Valley from a very special perspective. After stopping and refreshing ourselves with a little water, we start our descent towards Platja d'en Repic. After descending through pines, olive and carob trees, you will come to another turn-off, where you can either go towards the Muleta refuge (on the left) or towards Platja d'en Repic (on the right). We will turn off to the right as the route to Muleta is quite long and during these hot months it can be hard to do. So after leaving the turn-off we will take the asphalt road back along Carrer d'es Camp de Sa Mar until we reach Platja d'en Repic after a 40/50 minute walk from the Gran Hotel Sóller.



Once we have reached the beach, we head towards the left-hand side of the beach until we reach a restaurant called Patiki. At this point we will take a dip in the sea to refresh ourselves before continuing our excursion to the Port of Sóller
After enjoying the sea we continue our route up towards the lighthouse until we reach, in less than 5 minutes on foot, the Bar Es Mirall. A picturesque little bar away from the rest of the shops where we recommend you to have an aperitif and enjoy the views of the bay of Puerto de Sóller from its relaxing terrace. Afterwards, we will descend again towards the Passeig de la Platja d'en Repic and, taking a stroll, we will cross it until we reach the area of Sa Torre. This is where one of the tram stops is located. Once there, continue strolling towards the centre of the Port of Sóller along the promenade of the bay until you reach the Platja de Ca'n Generós, now in the centre of the Port, to have lunch. 



At this point you can choose to eat in one of the many restaurants in the Port of Sóller. From those specialising in fish and seafood to others that are more international and varied, the port offers a wide range of gastronomic options to get to know Mediterranean and local cuisine. We recommend Airecel Resturant. A restaurant located in the Aimia Hotel with an exclusive and relaxed terrace, perfect to enjoy the Mediterranean gastronomy (although we recommend you to book in advance). 
Then, after our Mediterranean meal, we will head towards the most special area of the Port: the Santa Catalina neighbourhood. 



As you enter this small fishing quarter located on the right-hand side of the port, you will come across small stone houses and streets named after winds. A neighbourhood that was created during the 18th century thanks to the export of local products such as citrus fruits and a place where the local fishermen kept their boats and lived when they were not at sea. After climbing through its picturesque streets, we reach the Santa Catalina viewpoint, a place that offers marvellous views of the Bay of Puerto de Sóller and the Mediterranean Sea from the opposite end to the Faro d'es Cap Gros lighthouse and the site of the Oratory of Santa Catalina, dating from the 13th century. This building now houses the Museu de la Mar del Puerto de Sóller (Port of Sóller Museum of the Sea), which we can visit free of charge to see its different exhibitions, stories, fishing utensils, materials and tools for the construction of traditional boats, as well as other fishing elements and models that reflect the historical links that the Port of Sóller has had with maritime trade and fishing activity. After our visit, we will descend until we come to a small turning on the right, which we will take until we reach the Oratory of Sant Ramón de Penyafort, built in the 13th century. We will then go to the Barques de Bou area to see, at 17.00h in the afternoon, how the fresh fish and prawns from Sóller arrive at the port. A unique experience that we recommend you enjoy before returning to the Gran Hotel Sóller



After watching the arrival of the fishing boats, we will head back to the central area of the Port of Sóller, right at the main quay to take the 18.00h tram and return to Sóller on a magical journey on the century-old tram until we reach, after crossing different areas of the Valley of Sóller, the Market stop, located less than a minute's walk from the Gran Hotel Sóller. At this point we will get off to end our excursion before returning to the hotel to relax and enjoy the cuisine of our Solleric chef Rafel Torrens at Can Blau Restaurant

If you are staying at our hotel and would like more information about this or other routes through the Tramuntana, please do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be delighted to help you.