Sóller in 3 days: must-see places

The Tramuntana in all its essence

Soller Railway Station
Bank of Soller
Constitucion Square
Port of Soller from the lighthouse
Streets of Fortnalutx
Ben Calcat
Brarranc de Biniaraix
GR221 Hiking
Fishing boats Puerto de Soller
Views of Puerto de Soller
Sant Bartomeu parish church
Bar of Biniaraix
Llaut Port of Soller
Beach of Puerto de Soller

The Valley of Sóller is a complete and unique destination for anyone who wants to experience the Sierra de Tramuntana. It's a perfect place to enjoy nature, the sea, and local cuisine. It is located between Puig Major, the highest mountain in Mallorca (1,436 m), and Puerto de Sóller, one of the most beautiful ports on the north coast of Mallorca. These geographical features, along with the possibilities this place offers as a destination, make the Valley of Sóller one of the most iconic municipalities in Mallorca for an unforgettable summer vacation. So today, we are going to talk about the essential places and activities to see, do, and visit to experience the essence of the Valley of Sóller firsthand in three days and fully discover this fantastic municipality in the Sierra de Tramuntana without missing anything.



The Valley of Sóller is popularly known for its gastronomy, such as Sóller oranges, Sóller prawns, etc., its landscapes, and its railway. However, during our visit, we can discover that this municipality in the Tramuntana has another component that makes it unique: its architecture and history. So, on our first day in the Valley of Sóller, we will leave Gran Hotel Sóller to take a magical walk through the old town and explore its beautiful architecture. We will leave the hotel and take Calle de la Romaguera, located just in front of the hotel entrance. A picturesque pedestrian street made of stone will lead us to Carrer de Sa Mar, one of the most important streets in the municipality. Here, we can visit the Museum of Sóller Culture, located in an old family house with a garden built in 1740, where we can learn about the origin and ethnological character of the municipality. After our visit, we will continue our walk descending Carrer de Sa Mar and taking the first left turn until we reach Plaza de América. Once there, we will take the first left exit to go up another important street in Sóller: Gran Vía. This street reflects the architecture that was carried out in Sóller in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where we will find large buildings of modernist, colonial, historicist, eclectic, or regionalist styles. --Find more information about Gran Vía in our article: The Valley of Sóller - A brief guide to enjoying it to the fullest-- After walking up Gran Vía, we will continue our stroll to the left until we reach the Post Office building, where we will take the pedestrian alley located right next to it to enter the old town. We will explore a series of narrow stone alleys with picturesque houses adorned with plants and flowers until we reach Plaça Constitució in Sóller: the center of the municipality.


As soon as we enter Plaça Constitució, we will notice its beauty. It's a lively square filled with cafes and restaurants, and we can see the century-old tram crossing through the center of the square every half hour. We will also notice three buildings that stand out above the rest. The first one is the Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu, built before 1236 and renovated several times. This temple changed from Romanesque-Gothic to Baroque style until the construction of the current façade, designed by Gaudí's disciple, Joan Rubió Bellver, was completed in 1947. It's a temple with 7 chapels on each side and a Baroque heart that we recommend visiting. Another notable building is the Bank of Sóller, located right next to the church. It was also designed by Joan Rubió i Bellver and built in 1899 with the aim of safeguarding the capital of the inhabitants of Sóller. Finally, there is the Town Hall of Sóller with the majestic coat of arms of the municipality right in the center of the facade.


After taking some photos in the small square of s'Alameda, right in front of the church, we will take Calle de La Luna. It's the most commercial street in the municipality, where we can find all kinds of shops. From fashion stores to traditional Mallorcan shoe shops like Ben Calçat, ceramics shops, artisanal products from the island, esparto items, and bakeries. In this street, we can also visit the Modernist Museum of Can Prunera, located at the end of the street. After our visit, we will return to Plaça Constitució and follow the tramway route until we reach the Municipal Market, a place we recommend entering to see local products such as Sóller oranges or Sóller prawns.



One of the places you must visit if you travel to Sóller in summer is the Port of Sóller. To do so, we will take the tram from the stop located right next to the Gran Hotel Sóller. After a fantastic journey of about 25 minutes through picturesque neighborhoods and fruit orchards, we will arrive at one of the most beautiful ports in the Tramuntana. Once there, we can take a walk along the seafront, swim at one of its two beaches, go on excursions such as visiting the Faro d'es Cap Gros or Sa Torre Picada, as well as explore the fishing district of Santa Catalina, its viewpoint with incredible views of the sea and the bay of the Port of Sóller, and the Maritime Museum. --Discover more information in our article about the fishing district of the Port of Sóller: Santa Catalina--.



On our third day, we will visit the small village "llogaret" of Biniaraix, a charming hamlet belonging to the municipality of Sóller, which can be reached on foot . Once there, we recommend taking a stroll through its cobbled streets and discovering places like "Ses Rentadores de Biniaraix," a historic place where people used to wash clothes. You can also start the Biniaraix ravine, one of the most spectacular hiking trails in Mallorca (GR-221), and refresh yourself in the picturesque village square.


After our visit to Biniaraix, we can go up to our neighboring village of Fornalutx, famous for its stone streets surrounded by nature, the painted tile museum of Ca'n Xoroi, and its picturesque square. We highly recommend visiting this place before returning to the hotel.


The Sóller Valley is a place full of possibilities and experiences. Discover our hiking trails, boat trips, points of interest, and tips to make the most of our municipality through the articles on our blog! If you are staying at our hotel and want more information, do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be delighted to assist you.