What to do in Soller on a spring day

What to do in Soller on a spring day strolling through its streets

The town of Soller has a lot of charm and beauty. We suggest you here what you can do in Soller on a spring day strolling through its streets full of tradition and colour. Below we list the different places to visit in Soller so that you can organise your itinerary to suit you.

Plaça de la Constitució (200 metres from the Gran Hotel Soller)

This is the heart of the town of Soller. If you want to stroll around the centre of Soller, you can certainly start at the Plaça de la Constitució and admire the architecture of the buildings that surround you, among which the following undoubtedly stand out:


Church of Sant Bartomeu de Soller

Called the Church of Soller, this temple has had five different construction stages throughout its long history, and you can admire different styles: the primitive medieval temple, the Gothic church, the fortification to take refuge from the Turkish invaders, the Baroque style and the Modernist works. Its façade was built by the architect Joan Rubio Bellver, a disciple of the well-known architect Antoni Gaudí.


Soller Town Hall (Ajuntament de Soller)

Located to the right of the Church of Soller, this Baroque building was inaugurated in 1973 by the architect Antoni Coll.


Bank of Soller (Banc de Soller)

This Modernist building was built in 1899 and is located to the left of the church of Soller. It was the headquarters of the now defunct Banco de Soller.

Once the visit to these buildings is over, the best option is undoubtedly to taste the famous Soller gelat (ice cream) in the Fet a Soller shop located in front of the municipal market next to the tramway, or a delicious freshly squeezed Soller orange juice in a bar in Soller square

The rest of the morning you can stroll around and do some shopping, such as a delicious Mallorcan sobrasada in Ca'n Matarino and visit the shops in Calle de la Luna.


Soller Market

If you can visit Soller on a Saturday you will enjoy the popular Soller market which is held every Saturday from 9:00h to 14:00h in the centre of Soller where you will find a wide variety of artisan products as well as food. 


For lunch we recommend the charming terrace of the Restaurant Ca'n Blau of the Gran Hotel Soller which offers an exquisite menu made with quality Mediterranean products.

During the afternoon of your visit to Soller, we suggest several cultural options:


Can Prunera Modernist Museum

Attractive collection of paintings and sculptures by 19th and 20th century masters such as Joan Miró, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Klee, Fernand Léger and Miquel Barceló.


Soller Botanical Garden

To discover the autochthonous Mallorcan flora and fauna. It is especially recommended to visit in spring with the explosion of colour of many of the plants in bloom.


Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences.

It has an audiovisual room and 5 exhibition rooms, including a collection of fossils.


Soller Agricultural Cooperative

A project based on sustainability and promoting local food products: citrus fruits, vegetables, oil, sausages, salt and the famous ice creams (Gelats de Soller). You can visit both the shop Fet a Soller and the ice cream factory (Sa Fabrica de Gelats de Soller).


Tafona de Can Det

Near the Soller Cooperative. This is the oldest oil mill in Mallorca and it is still in operation. A large part of the olive oil so characteristic of the Soller valley is produced here in the traditional way.


We hope you enjoy your visit to the village of Soller and that you will fall in love with our wonderful Mallorcan island even more.