Road to es Canyaret
Es Canyaret Llucalcari
North coast of mallorca
Viewpoint of Sa Foradada

The Sóller Valley is a perfect destination to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the incredible landscapes of the Tramuntana mountain range in the summer months. Its beaches, its sunsets, its neighbouring municipalities with their coves, etc. However, there are many corners and magical places that are not so touristy or well-known that are perfect for discovering the essence of our island and feeling its nature, its peace and disconnecting from the world in a pure and authentic Mediterranean environment. Dream places that we recommend you to visit and enjoy to the fullest. Places that end up becoming an unforgettable memory of our holidays in the Sóller Valley. So today we are going to discover two of these magnificent places: Alconàsser and Es Canyaret



Alconàsser is a small rocky cove located 15 minutes by car from the Gran Hotel Sóller, just below the Béns d'Avall housing estate. So we propose two different plans to reach and enjoy this magical cove. The first option to reach Alconàsser is by car or motorbike. To do so, leave the Gran Hotel Sóller in the direction of Deià along the road that links Sóller with this municipality and go up until you reach a sharp bend to the left. At this point the road changes from uphill to downhill and you will see a sign indicating Béns d'Avall on the same bend. So take this exit and go down to the end of the road to park next to the Es Béns d'Avall restaurant. Once there, we will take a small path on foot, which will lead us to the picturesque cove of Alconàsser. Once there, you will find yourself in a totally Mediterranean setting. Salt water, the sea, sun and two typical dry docks of the north coast of Mallorca. Buildings full of history and tradition that are used to store boats, fishing tackle and all kinds of utensils necessary for fishermen. So when you arrive, all you have to do is choose your favourite spot and cool off in the Mediterranean Sea, in crystal-clear water and surrounded by nature. Alconàsser is an unspoilt cove, frequented by local people from the municipalities of Sóller and Deià and not very touristy. For this reason, we recommend that you bring everything you need: food, drinks, diving goggles, etc. Although it is true that the way to get there is not one of the most comfortable, it is well worth visiting this cove and feeling the essence of the Mediterranean. Although if going by land does not convince you, we bring you another option to experience the summer on the north coast of Mallorca even more intensely: visiting Alconàsser by private boat. 

In the Port of Sóller there are several companies that rent pleasure boats with or without skipper. Perfect boats to enjoy the sea to the maximum and to have exclusive access to magical corners of our coast such as Alconàsser, Es Canyaret, Ses Cambres, Sa costera, Tuent, etc. So this is undoubtedly a perfect option for sea lovers. After choosing our boat we will leave the port in the direction of Deià, leaving the port to port in a journey of about 15 minutes in which we can discover very curious places such as "Sa Cova d'es Pintor" a natural cave that we can see thanks to some stone stairs that lead to it and in which, according to legend, lived a local painter in love with the sea; or "Es Gall", a natural rock formation in the shape of a cockerel. This rock marks the arrival at Alconàsser. It is located just after the rock on the port side. So when you arrive, all you have to do is approach the cove, drop anchor and enjoy the moment. It is worth mentioning that just in front of the cove, about 15 metres from the shore, there is a shallow underwater rock that we must take into account when approaching it with a boat. The rock is about 30 cm from the surface, so we have to take it into account when approaching with the boat. However, once we have the boat anchored, we advise you to dive close to the rock to enjoy the underwater life as well as to climb on it with a soft drink in your hand. Without a doubt a unique experience. Another element to bear in mind is that, being a virgin cove, there is a lot of underwater life and, consequently, it is a cove where there are sea urchins. These are harmless animals that live on the rocks and although they are harmless, they do have spikes that can be very painful if we step on them, so we recommend swimming with water shoes, a practical and inexpensive solution that we will appreciate both to avoid being hurt by the sea urchins and to walk over the rocks on the shore. 



If you want to enjoy the north coast even more and see more magical places, a boat trip is the perfect option, we recommend Sóller Charter Expierence. After visiting Alconàsser, we can continue sailing in the opposite direction to the Port of Sóller, towards Deià, to find, 5 minutes sailing from Alconàsser, another dream Mediterranean place: Es Canyaret. Es Canyaret is the cove of Llucalcari, a small llogaret at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range. It is a cove of stone, just like Alconàsser, but with several peculiarities that make it very special. In Es Canyaret we can find several natural springs where we recommend you to cover yourself with the mud that surrounds them, which is very good for moisturising the skin. Es Canyaret also has a natural swimming pool located to the right of the cove, an ideal place to disconnect and refresh yourself next to a natural cave where you can swim safely. On the other hand, if you prefer to go by car, all you have to do is continue along the road that links Sóller and Deià until you see the turn-off to Llucalcari, where you park and go down to the cove following the signs there. It is worth mentioning that Es Canyaret is a nudist cove, but everyone is free to do as they please. Finally, if you go by car, we recommend that you bring a parasol, as there is little shade and at certain times of the day the sun is strong. 



Finally, if we want to end our dream day on the north coast of Mallorca, we recommend that we continue sailing in the direction of Deià, leaving Cala de Deià to the left, until we reach Sa Foradada. A majestic and iconic rock that hosts an idyllic place to anchor again to swim in the Mediterranean and watch the sunset from the sea. It is without doubt a marvel beyond compare. Likewise, if you go by car and want to enjoy Sa Foradada, you can continue towards Deià, passing through the village, until you reach the Sa Foradada viewpoint, where there is a small Mediterranean bar where you can enjoy the same sunset from another point of view. 

An additional alternative to reach these hidden places and enjoy these small unspoilt coves is to use our e-bikes which you will find at the entrance of the Gran Hotel Sóller. A fun, ecological and very practical option as in some places it is very difficult to find parking.

Finally we will return to the Port of Sóller, in case we have gone by boat, or to the Gran Hotel Sóller in case we have gone by car to finish the day with a fantastic signature dinner at Can Blau Restaurant before going to rest after having lived a unique, exclusive, magical and unforgettable experience in the heart of the Mediterranean. If you are staying at our hotel, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, as well as the different boat rental companies, to our reception team, who will be delighted to help you organise your perfect day on the north coast of Majorca.



Don't forget in your backpack: 
Water, food, sun cream, water shoes, diving goggles and jellyfish ointment!